Hallmark Gold Crown

Ria's is an authorized Hallmark™ Gold Crown store, and we sell a full line of Hallmark cards for every occasion. Additionally we carry a full lineup of seasonal merchandise, Keepsake ornaments, Hallmark gift wrap and bags, and so much more.

As an authorized Hallmark Gold Crown retailer, we accept Hallmark rewards coupons, and we are equipped to give you points on your Hallmark Gold Crown rewards card.

We are also a pickup location for Hallmark.com online packages. 

Also, we usually have those really nice little round stickers with the crown on. Those are pretty cool.

For more info regarding products or availability, call us at (718)266-3436, contact us using the contact form, or email us atriasboutiqueshop@gmail.com. Please note that not all Hallmark items are available online, and are available ​in store only​.