Experience a fun shopping excursion with all of your family and friends in your own privacy, with a peace of mind. We invite you to reserve the entire store during off hours, when it's convenient for you and your loved ones in 45 minute increments for $200 THAT WILL BE APPLIED TOWARDS PURCHASE!!!

The $200 must be used up in entirety at the time of visit. No credits will be issued 

Morning excursions will include donuts from the best donuts shop in Brooklyn, Mike's Donut Shop, coffee and a anti-COVID-19 Kit for each and every attendant!! (kit includes one mask, one 50ml hand sanitizer and one set of gloves).  The night excursion includes pizza from John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever scene, Lenny's Pizza, refreshments and a anti-COVID-19 Kit for each and every attendant!! 

You will have private access to over 1,000's of the finest products in the world brought to by the leading company in social expressions, Hallmark along with many other unique brands adding to the choices.

You will be serviced with a smile from a friendly, helpful and courteous staff. 

When booking please let us know the number of attendees

For more information please call 718-266-3436 or email us at rias@verizon.net

If you need to change your booking time please contact us ASAP