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Roman Inc

Roman Christ's Story Bracelet 7.5"

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This bead bracelet tells the life story of Jesus Christ, perfect in time for Christmas. Starting with his birthday, and on to his good deeds and his death, it describes every stage with its own dedicated bead. 

The story goes: 

One night there was a bright star

Which guided the three men

Who were the three wise men

To the birth of Jesus

Who later in life became a carpenter

And a fisher of men and souls. 

He had twelve apostles

who spread the Word of Christ.

But one black day of hatred, envy & death

He was crucified.

He shed His blood for us

To purify & save us

He rose and is now in Heaven

Seated with the Father and the Holy Spirit

And he did all this because of His great love for us.

The bracelet measures 7.5 inches in diameter, and is made of handmade glass and metal beads sitting on an elastic band. Comes in a decorated plastic box with a verse card and with the whole story, which tells you exactly which bead corresponds with which part. 

This bracelet proclaims the story of 

someone that gave His life for you.

This is the story of Jesus...

the most beautiful story ever told. 

The beads of this bracelet

will guid you in telling the story of 

His life and great love for all.

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