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Teachers Story Beaded Bracelet 7"-7 1/2"

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Teacher's Story Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet pays tribute to the dedication and

passion of teachers everywhere.

Teachers shape the course of our children's 

lives.  The beads of the bracelet guide you

through a stirring declaration of what it means to

be  a teacher.


Verse on card depicts photos of the beads included on the bracelet and explains the meaning of what each bead stands for.

"I teach because I wanted to be

a sculptor, shaping young minds for tomorrow.

I teach because I wanted to be an artist,

painting the dreams of our children.

I teach because I wanted to be a musician

composing melodies that will last a lifetime.

I teach because I wanted to be a historian,

sharing the experiences and lessons ou our ancestors.

I teach because I wanted to be a poet,

writing passages for all mankind.

I teach because of the reward

I receive when a child's frown turns into a smile

or when a student says

"Thank you, now I understand."

I teach to review the past,

discuss the present

and create the future.


Materials GLASS/METAL Many of the glass beads on this bracelet 

are handmade and have some variations from bracelet to bracelet.