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Roman St Peregrine Patron of Cancer Patients

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Roman St Peregrine Patron of Cancer Patients
Figurine comes nicely displayed in a clear fronted box 
St Peregrine
Prayer to
Saint Peregrine
 O St. Peregrine, you amended your
life and left its comforts in order to
serve God. As a Servite priest, you
preached, took on penances and gave
counsel to the wayward. You
comforted the sick and dying in
prisons, hospitals and homes of the
poor. When you develop cancer,
you were favored with the vision of
Our Lord reaching down from His
cross to heal your affliction.
Please look with compassion on
me and my loved ones, and ask God
for the favor of healing. Obtain for
me the grace to accept healing or
suffering, life or death, according to
God's will. Help me to amend my life
and trust in God's mercy and love, so
that I am I forever bless Him, in this
life and the next. I ask this through
Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Verse on the back:
St Peregrine
The only child of wealthy parents, Peregrine Laziosi was the
leader of the "anti-papal" party in Forli, Italy when he was
only 18. Peregrine was, like most people in his City at that
time, strongly opposed to the Catholic church. A pious priest
named Philip Benizi was sent to Forli by the Pope, to preach to the people
there. While Philip was praying, a disturbance broke out, and the priest
was insulted by the crowd and struck on the face by Peregrine. Father
Benizi's only response to the attack was that he said he would pray for
Peregrine. This so moved Peregrine that he dropped to his knees to ask forgiveness, and he experienced an immediate conversion.
Peregrine made a dramatic change in his lifestyle. He prayed often
to the Blessed Mother, and on one occasion, while praying in the
cathedral, Peregrine saw a vision of Mary surrounded by angels. She
told him to join the Order of The Servants of Mary, of which Father
Benizi belonged, and become a priest. Peregrine showed great
humility and self-sacrifice as he prepared to become a priest. Upon
completion of his training, he was given permission to return to Forli
to work with the people there. He was often seen with the sick and the
dying in the hospitals, prisons, and homes of the poor.
A few years later, the cancerous growth appeared on his foot. The
night before his leg was to be amputated, Peregrine prayed that he would
be able to continue his work, but humbled himself to the will of God.
The image of Jesus, on the crucifix in front of him, reach down to
touch Peregrine's foot. In the morning there was no trace of disease.
Peregrine lived until he was 80 years old. In addition to being the patron
of cancer patients, he is also invoked against AIDS and other illnesses.
Feast day: May 4
Prayer card included.


Materials: Resin

Dimensions: 4" H X 1.25" W
Dimensions Boxed : 4.5" L x 1.8" W x 6.2" H