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Roman Inc

Roman 5" Little Drummer Boy Ornament

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This ornament features a little drummer boy in a red robe, with a drum in his hands. It is handpainted, made from a sturdy resin stone mix, and comes ready to hang. The packaging is a clear plastic cylinder that showcases the ornament. On it is printed a Bethlehem cityscape, and a little bit of information about the legend of the drummer boy. 

The Legend of the Drummer Boy

"In Bethlehem, there was a young boy who loved to play his toy drum. Each evening, the boy would play for his family, and there was a soothing regularity to each night. However, one night something happened that awoke him: a glorious star appeared from the heavens. The boy wanted to know more about the star, so he quietly crept out of the house and made his way to the spot where the star's light touched the earth. Surprised, the boy found himself at an inn's stable. There was a man, woman, and child inside, as well as three regally dressed men. They carried gifts fit for a king and placed them before the baby. The boy knew that this was a special child and that he too must bring a gift. He rushed back to his house, changed into his best clothing and quickly retrieved his little drum. He returned to the stable bearing the most treasured gift he could give: he graced the child with a song, a true gift from God. 

  • Measurements: 5" H x 1.25" W x 1.75" D
  • Material: resin stone mix
  • Ready to hang
  • Item code: 36310
  • Roman Exclusive

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