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Roman Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue Patrons & Protectors

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Roman Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue 3.5"

Description: Our Lady of Guadalupe Figurine Patron of the Americas
Materials: Resin
Dimensions: 3.5" H

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Patron of the Americas

Compassionate                                                                  Prayer card included.

Mother of God                                                                    Life story on back.

Prayer to

Our Lady of


O Our Lady of Guadalupe,
mystical rose, make
intercession for the Holy
Church, protect the
Sovereign Pontiff, help all
those who invoke thee in
their necessities, and
since thou art the ever
Virgin Mary and Mother
of the True God, obtain
for us from thy most holy
Son the grace of keeping
our faith, sweet hope in
the midst of the
bitterness of life, burning
charity and the precious
gift of final perseverance.

Exclusively by Roman

Verse on back story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Juan Diego was on his way to Mass on

December 9, 1531, when he heard someone

sweetly calling his name from atop Tepeyac

Hill, near the small Mexican village of Tlaltelolco.  Once

he climbed the hill he saw a beautiful Mexican girl

who identified herself ad the ever-Virgin Mary.  She

asked him to build a church ono the hill to express the

special love she had for the Mexican natives.  She

instructed Juan to first get permission from the bishop,

who upon hearing Juan's story asked for a tangible

sign that she was the Mother of God.  The next day,

Juan gathered roses in his over coat, or tilma; to bring

to the bishop as a sign.  Just as he untied the corners

of his coat, the bishop knelt before him in tears.  For

there, on the front of Juan's coat, was her image,

exactly as he had seen her.  In only thirteen days, a

small chapel was completed in honor of Our Lady of

Guadalupe, and the tilma was carried forward in a

festive procession; in the seven years that followed

eight million natives were baptized.

Today an average of 1,500 people daily kneel

before the tilma, which has sustained its perfect image

for almost 500 years, at the basilica of Our Lady

of Guadalupe in Mexico City.