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St. Patrick of Ireland 3.5 Inch Figurine by Roman Inc - Ria's Hallmark & Jewelry Boutique

Roman Inc

St. Patrick of Ireland 3.5 Inch Figurine by Roman Inc

$ 12.95

St. Patrick of Ireland 3.5" H Figurine by Roman Inc in decorative box with see through window to Saint
Materials: Resin
St. Patrick
Patron of Ireland
The Great Missionary                                            Prayer card included.
of Ireland.                                                              Life story on back.

Hail Glorious 

St. Patrick

Hail, glorious St. Patrick! We

honor thy name, Tho Erin

may claim thee, the world

knows thy fame. The faith of

our fathers is our treasure

too.  How holy the thought,

that they learned it from you.

  Thru crosses and trials its

fires burn bright, they show

us the way,and the truth, and

the light, Great Saint!

Intercede, that we always

may be devoted and loyal,

true children of thee.  Our

love and devotion be ever

like thine.  Our thought be of

Jesus, our heart be His shrine.

  And when to the end of life's

path we have trod.  Be near

us great Bishop, anointed

of God.


Verse on back Story of St. Patrick:

The name Patrick is from Latin and signifies noble.  As

a young boy, St. Patrick was very devout and was

instructed and sacred learning. As a man of just 16

years, St. Patrick was stolen from his father's farm by Irish

raiders who sold him into slavery. During his time and slavery,

St. Patrick held with his practice of saying many prayers to

God each day and night. St. Patrick escaped from the slavery

six years later and traveled a difficult journey to his original

home. Having been held captive by the pagan Irish people, St.

Patrick devoted his life to bringing the Christian faith to the

Irish people.

St Patrick studied at a monastery in France and became a

priest. After about 15 years, saint Patrick was made a bishop

and went to the north and west parts of Ireland where he was

welcomed. He established many churches throughout Ireland

and converted many of the pagan people by teaching them

all about the Catholic religion.

St Patrick talk to people about the Trinity and used the

Shamrock as an example of how the three leaves are of one

plant. It is believed that he drove out all the evils from the land

of the Irish. The legend is that saint Patrick use a staff which was

given to him by Jesus to drive out all the snakes from Ireland.

St. Patrick told of his own conversion end of the gifts and

strengths which God gave them. This story of St. Patrick's

is known as the Confession, St Patrick is the patron of Ireland.

Feast Day: March 17




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