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Roman Inc

Roman St. Thomas Aquinas, Patron Saints & Protectors

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Roman, Inc. 3.5" St. Thomas Aquinas, Patron Saints & Protectors

Materials: Resin

Verse in front of decorative box:

St. Thomas Aquinas


Doctor of                                                                                      Prayer card included.

the Church                                                                                   Life story on back.

Prayer to 

St. Thomas


Angel of schools at the

bidding of Peter.

Thousands today are

saluting thee thus

We too are claiming thy

care and thy councel.

Angel of schools, be

an Angel to us.

Come to our aid when thou

hearest us calling.

Light up the dark, make

the rough places plain.

Bring to our thoughts the

unknown or forgotten.

Give us the words that

we seek for in vain.

Exclusively by Roman, Inc.

Verse on back story of St. Thomas Aquinas:

St. Thomas Aquinas


 Thomas Aquinas was born to a noble family in

southern Italy. His father was the Count of

Aquino. As was his birthright, Thomas was educated

at the finest of schools. His teachers are Monte Cassino and

the University of Naples, Benedictine monks, noted that

Thomas far exceeded others with his scholarly accomplishments.

Devout in his faith, Thomas joined the Dominican friars in

1244, a decision very much opposed by his family. They

believed that the position of a monk was much too lowly for

someone of such social rank. They kidnapped Thomas and

kept them confined for two years. During this confinement,

his family try to break his faith and commitment to the

Dominican order. But they failed. Because of his Fidelity,

God gave him the gift of perfect chastity.

After becoming a monk, Thomas continued to study

at the Cologne in France where he became known as the

"dumb ox" because he was very large and very quiet person.

At the age of thirty-two, Thomas received his doctorate.

Thomas became well known for his intellectual theology,

logic and use of language. He was appointed to various

positions and given honors by Pope Urban IV and Clement IV.

his work was of such importance to the church, Pope Leo VIII

commanded his teachings be started by all theology stu-

dents. St Thomas was canonized in 1323 and he was

declared Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius v.

FEAST DAY: January 28th