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Lolita Wine Glasses

lolita glasses


Creator of Lolita

Lolita started her career in the fashion industry working for Christian Dior and Donna Karan after graduating with honors from Mary Baldwin College in Virginia with a double major in Marketing and Fine Arts. As a student, Lolita nurtured her love of creativity, entrepreneurship and business. As a designer, she sees something quite extraordinary in everyday life. She injects her energy and charm into her designs, and is always monitoring trends, colors, textures and attitudes of the European runways – something she learned from the fashion industry.

Lolita glassware started with a girls' night out with her good friends. While browsing through the martini menu, Lolita was inspired by the recipes. Her creative imagination made her see the glass differently - more dressed up with a pattern, flair and a fabulous recipe on the bottom. She watched each of her friends order a distinct martini that reflected their personalities. This was the inspiration for her "Love My Martini" collection that she began in 2001. Today, her successful brand has grown into one of the most popular gift brands for celebrating moments with friends and family.



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