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Roman St. Barbara Figurine

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Figurine comes nicely displayed in a clear fronted box 
St. Barbara
Prayer to
Saint Barbara
O Saint Barbara, your life serves as a
vivid reminder that our world is filled
with extreme anger and pain, but our
faith and hope in God can carry us
through the worst trials. Be by our side
so that we may face all storms, wars,
trials and tribulations with the same
fortitude which you face yours.
St. Barbara, pray for us that we
might do our best, persevere in troubles
and trust in God for everything. Keep
us alert and protect us from the
dangers that surround us. Help us to
always remain in God's grace and be
prepared for the hour of our death.
Overcoming all struggles, may we be
grateful to you, our protect, and give
thanks to God, the Creator of heaven
and earth, who has the power to
dominate the fury of the storm and to
mitigate the cruelty of war. Through
Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen  
St. Barbara
It is said that Barbara was the extraordinarily beautiful
daughter of Dioscorus, a rich pagan. Fearful that his
daughter might marry and be taken from him, the
extremely jealous Dioscorus had a tower constructed in
which he imprisoned Barbara. During her confinement, Barbara
could readily see the beauty and order of the natural world outside
her window. In her heart she knew that they were part of a master
plan and decided that the idols of wood and stone worshiped by her
father must be condemned as false. As her faith grew, she felt
compelled to share her beliefs. To that end, she made her visions to a
bathhouse her father was having built so that the three Windows would
represent the Trinity of the Christian faith.
When Dioscorus returned from his travels, he was enraged to see
the changes to his bathhouse and to learn of his daughter's
conversion to Christianity. His fury led him to denounce Barbara for
her faith before the authorities. Dioscorus himself carried out her
sentence of torture and death. Legend has it that while the angels
carried Barbara's soul heavenward, Dioscorus was struck dead by
lightning in his body consumed by fire. St. Barbara is associated
with architects, builders, stone crafters, and prisoners. She is also
known as a protector of those in danger from fire, storms, lightning
and sudden death.
Feast Day: December 4
Prayer card included.
  • Dimensions Boxed: 4.4" L x 1.7" W x 6.2" H
  • Dimensions:  3.75" H X 2" W
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  • Gift box
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