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Roman St Anthony Finder of Love Statue

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Figurine comes nicely displayed in a clear fronted box 
St. Anthony of Padua
Finder of Love
Prayer to St. Anthony for Love
Dear St. Anthony, you were called
to serve god through religious life,
and you did so wholeheartedly.
However, I feel called to serve God
through marriage and children.
Our Heavenly Father has told us,
"It is not good for man to be alone.
Let us make for him a helpmate
suitable for him." I long to be that
helpmate and share my life with a
good, loving spouse. I long to
welcome children and raise them
in love. Beloved saint, you have
long been known as the saint of
miracles. Encouraged by this, I
implore you to obtain for me a
good and loving spouse. I ask this
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
  Prayer card included.
Exclusively by Roman Inc.
St.Anthony of Padua 
finder of love (1195-1231)
Anthony loved god with ll his heart, and his poverty, humility and courage reflected this.
when he preached, his zeal and love of god were palpable.
people were crowds that sought to hear him speak great-sometimes-30,000-that the churches could not hold them,
so he went into the piazzas or the open fields .
people waited all night to hear him.
At least, worn out by travel, preaching, fasting and illness, he died in 1231 at the age of 36. He was canonized within the year.
During his life, and after his death, st. Anthony was known as the
"wonder worker".
He is the patron of lost items, sailors,  fishermen, the poor, animals, travelers and-for centuries- the finder of love.
he's often referred to as the matchmaker saint and is especially invoked on St.Anthony's eve (June 12) by those seeking the love of a spouse.
Festivities around the world abound on this day, especially in Portugal, Spain, Italy Brazil and Mexico.
increasingly the faithful are turning to St.Anthony, the wonder worker, in a world hungry for love.  
Feast Day: June 12
  • Dimensions Boxed: 4.4" L x 1.6" W x 6.1" H
  • Dimensions 4"H
  • Resin/stone mix.
  • Gift box
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