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Roman St Lucy Patroness of The Blind Figure

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Roman St Lucy Patroness of The Blind Figure
Figurine comes nicely displayed in a clear fronted box 
St. Lucy
Prayer to
Saint Lucy
Dear St. Lucy, your name means light,
and you have brought the light of faith
to multitudes of people by the shining
example of your holy life and death.
Pray for me that, like you, I might have
the courage to love God above all
things and to preserve in faith. Help
me to live bravely and serve God and
any fellow man wholeheartedly.
Please have compassion on me, and
ask God for the favor of healing the
eyes of those in need. Obtain for me
the grace to accept healing or suffering,
according to God's perfect will. Help me
to fear nothing but the blindness of sin,
and to always walk in God's light. Let
me trust in God's mercy and love, so
that I might I forever bless Him, in this
life and the next. I ask this through
Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.
Verse on the back:
St. Lucy
St LucY was born to honorable and wealthy parents in
Syracuse, Sicily in 283 AD. From childhood, she was
educated in the Christian faIth and embraced this faith
wholeheartedly. She lost her father in infancy and was
raised by her mother, Eutychia.. When Lucy came of age, her
mother arranged a marriage for her with a nobleman who was
pagan. However, while still young, Lucy had secretly made a vow to
God of perpetual virginity. Consequently, Lucy tried to avoid this
marriage. Her mother had suffered from a hemorrhage for several
years, Lucy urged her mother to offer prayers for healing at the tomb
of St. Agatha. Lucy accompanied her, and their prayers were
answered. Lucy then disclosed to her mother her vow and desire to
devote herself to only God. In gratitude, her mother allowed Lucy to
call off the marriage and to distribute her fortune to the poor.
When the young man Lucy was to marry found out about this, he
became enraged and accused her of being a Christian in front of the
governor Paschasius. At this time, the persecution of Christians by
the emperor Diocletian raged throughout Italy, so Lucy's fate was
sealed. The judge commanded she be dragged to a brothel, but God
made her immobile, so that neither guards nor oxen could drag her
there. They tried to set her on fire, but God protected her. They
gouged out her eyes, but God healed them overnight. Finally, it was
ordered that she be killed by torture. Luvy died of her wounds in
304 AD and entered into her eternal reward. She is invoked against
blindness and diseases of the eye. Her name means bringer of light.
Feast Day: December 13
Prayer card included.

Materials: Resin

Dimensions: 3.75" H X 1.5" W
Dimensions Boxed : 4.5" L x 1.7" W x 6.2" H