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Roman St Matthew Accountants, Bankers, Professionals

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  • Roman St Matthew Accountants, Bankers, Professionals
  • Material: Resin
  • Statue Size: Dimensions 3.5" H x 2" W x 1.75" D
  • Roman Exclusive

On the front:

St Matthew


 Prayer to 

Saint Matthew

 O St. Matthew, you left wealth,

privilege and power to follow a poor

carpenter from Nazareth. Your heart

recognized Him as a savior of the

world. Help me to recognize our Lord

in the poor, the weak, the wrong, and

the sinner. Help me to see the treasure

in earthen vessels, and love them as He

loved you.

St Matthew, you devoted the rest of

your life to follow me Jesus, telling

others about him and writing about

Him in your Gospel, which has

brought the good news to the whole

world. Pray for me, that I might leave

behind what is not truly valuable and

devote my life to following Jesus and

spreading the Gospel through the

example of my life. Help me to see that

all true riches are only found in God.

Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.



On the back:

St Matthew


(D. 74 AD)

One of the 12 apostles chosen by Jesus, Matthew was

a tax collector prior to his conversion. In that role,

Matthew was viewed as an agent of the enemy by

those from whom he collected taxes. Many were

surprised that Jesus would associate with a person considered

to be a great sinner. But Jesus said, "I came to call not the

righteous, but the sinners." When call by him, Matthew

left his job, and riches, his whole way of life to follow Jesus. His

 conversion was instantaneous and wholehearted.

After Jesus's death and Resurrection, Matthew preach the

gospel established Christian communities in Palestine,

Ethiopia, all the parts of Africa, and persia. He is believed to

have drafted his gospel between 41 and 50 ad. Written in

Aramic his gospel portrays Jesus as the long for messiah

who fulfill the words of the prophets. Records indicate

Matthew died a martyr's death around 74 AD.

Matthews name means gift of God. As one of the four

writers of the gospels., He's often portrayed with a  winged

          man . As patron of tax collectors, accountants, bankers and

financial officers, he can also be betrayed with a pen and

money. Other patronage has include customs officers, guards,

security forces, and Salerno, Italy.




Feast Day: September 21

Prayer card included.