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Roman Inc

Roman St. Joseph The Worker Home Sales Kit

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Statue is a resin-stone mix, and comes boxed with a prayer card. Manufactured by Roman, Inc.

3.75" H St. Joseph figure patrons and protectors. 3.5"H Resin/stone mix. Gift Box.

Verse on the box (Front)

St. Joseph the Worker



Prayer to Saint Joseph the Worker

O St. Joseph, you were given the task

of caring for and watching over the

Blessed Mother and young Jesus.  You

worked for them, kept them from

harm, and when they were in danger,

moved them.  I ask for your compassion

on me and my family in our need to 

move and to sell this house.  Please

assist me by your intercession and

obtain for me from your Divine Son

this favor, so I may provide for the 

family the He has entrusted to me.

St. Joseph, ever compassionate and

faithful, I take this statue, not as

superstition, but as an anchor to my

prayers for your help.  It is a reminder

of your kindness and God's eternal

provision for His children.  I have faith

in God and faith in you.  St. Joseph,

loving father and provider, pray for us.


Verse on the back:

The Legend of St. Joseph


Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus

Christ, is honored as the patron saint of fathers, families,

carpenters and workers.  Over the years, a tradition arose of

turning to St. Joseph for help with real estate transactions.  In

the Middle Ages, nuns buried a medal with his likeness on property they

hoped to acquire for a convent.  St Andre Bessette had a strong devotion

to St. Joseph.  Wishing to build a church for him but without funds to do so,

he buried medals of St. Joseph on Mount Royale, the desired site for the

church.  Any time the building faltered due to lack of funds, St. Andre

would say, "Put a statue of St. Joseph in the church.  He will take care of

it."  The result is Saint Joseph's Oratory, the largest basilica in Canada.

Gradually the medals were replaced with statues, and the focus changed

from buying to selling.  The reasons behind appealing to this particular

saint are Joseph's strong connections to families, homes and moving.

Today, people of all religious denominations follow the tradition of asking

St. Joseph for help selling their home and using his statue to show their

faith in his intercession.

Superstition dictates that the statue is buried upside down with the feet

pointing toward the heaven.  It may face towards the home, or it may face

away, towards the new home.  The location of the statue varies as well.

When the home is sold, the statue should be removed and given a place of

honor in the seller's home.  It is not known if St. Joseph in heaven is

bemused or smiling at this strange custom, but he does seem to answer the

family prayers.  Prayer of any kind is a statement of complete trust, with 

the knowledge that God will answer the prayers of the faithful and of His

saints.  The real power of the St. Joseph statue then, is a physical

reminder of faith in God to provide for our needs.

Feast Days:  March 19 (St. Joseph)

                      May 1 (St. Joseph the worker)