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Roman St Benedict The Founder of Monasticism Figure

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Roman St Benedict The Founder of Monasticism Figure
Figurine comes nicely displayed in a clear fronted box 
St. Benedict
From the Rule
of Saint Benedict
Girded with a faith, and the
performance of good words, let us
follow in Christ's path by the
guidance of the Gospel: then we shall
deserve to see Him "who has called
us into His kingdom." If we wish to
attain a dwelling place in His
kingdom, we shaill not reach it unless
we hasten there by our good deeds.
Just as there exists an the evil ferver, a
bitter spirit, which divides us from
God and leads us to hell, so there is a
good ferver which sets us apart from
evil inclinations and leads us toward
God and eternal life. No one should
follow what he considers to be good
for himself, but rather what seems
good for another. Let them put
Christ before all else; and may He
lead us all to everlasting life.
Verse on the back:
St. Benedict
Benedict was Born of Roman nobility and was the twin
brother of Saint Scholastica. Benedict studied in Rome, but
was dismayed by the laziness and poor discipline of his
fellow students. Because of this, he fled to the mountains
near the town of Subiao and lived there in a cave as a hermit for
three years. Is believed that he was fed by a raven during his
Because of his virtues and beliefs, he was requested to lead an
abby. He later founded the monastery Monte Cassino where he
wrote the Rules of the Order. The discipline of the Rules was harsh,
and it has been told that an attempt was made on his life by poisoning
his drink. However, he blessed the cup and the poison was harmless.
Benedict's returned to the cave that he had lived in, but continue
to gain followers who believed in his abilities to read consciences and
to prophesy. He eventually establish 12 monasteries, and during a
time in history there were over 40,000 monasteries that were guided
by his Rule. The basis of the Rule is to "Pray and Work".
Feast Day July 11 

Materials: Resin

Dimensions: 4" H X 1.75" W
Dimensions Boxed : 4.5" L x 1.7" W x 6.2" H