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Roman St Catherine Of Siena Figure

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Roman St Catherine Of Siena Figure
Figurine comes nicely displayed in a clear fronted box 
St Catherine Of Siena
Prayer of
St. Catherine
of Siena
Eternal God, eternal Trinity,
You have made the Blood of
Christ so precious through His
sharing Your Divine nature.
You are a mystery as deep as
the sea;the more I search, the
more I find, and the more I
find, the more I searched for You.
But I can never be satisfied;
what I receive will ever leave
me desiring more. When you
fill my soul, I have an ever-
greater hunger, and I grow
more famished for Your light. I
desire above all to see You, the
true light, as You really are.

Verse on the back:
St Catherine Of Siena
As the Renaissance was beginning, Catherine was born as the 23rd
child of Jacobo and Lapa Benincasa on March 25, 1347 in
Siena, Italy. A joyful child, Catherine knew by age six that she
wanted to devote her life to serving God. As Katherine grew
older, her parents encouraged her to improve her appearance in order to find
a suitable husband. As Catherine's interest was to serve God, she cut off her
own hair and refused to seek out someone to marry. At age 18, Catherine
joined the Dominicans as a tertiary, or someone who follows the practices of
the sisters but lives outside of a convent. After three years of seclusion, prayer
and fasting, Catherine emerged as a powerful, up-and-coming figure in the church. She had visions of Christ, and which Catherine felt she had a mystical marriage with Christ and He shared his heart with her. Christ told her to help
the sick and poor, and Catherine quickly devoted her time to doing just that, including those affected by the plague.
Catherine learned to read and write later in life, which led to her sending
letters to many prominent people of that time. She wrote the people asking for peace between the republics of Italy, and for the return of the Pope from
Avignon, France to Rome, Italy. After what is known as the "Great Schism"
which lasted from this time until long after Catherine's death, the papacy did
return to Rome. In Catherine's short, 33-year life, she wrote almost 400
letters, counseled two popes, and wrote for major treatises titled The
Dialogue. Through it all, prayer guided and sustained her. On a visit to Pisa,
Catherine was praying when five rays of red light emanated from the crucifix piercing your hands, feet and head. The wounds of the stigmata stayed with
her, but were invisible to others until after her death. Catherine died on April
29th, 1380, it was canonized in 1461. She was named Doctor of the Church
in 1970. St Catherine is the patrons of many things, including Italy, fire protection and nurses.
Feast day: April 29
Prayer card included.


Materials: Resin

Dimensions: 3.75" H X 1.75" W
Dimensions Boxed : 4.5" L x 1.7" W x 6.2" H