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Roman St Dominic Figure, Patron Saints & Protectors

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  • Material: Resin
  • Statue Size: Dimensions 3.5" H x1.75" W x 1" D
  • Dimension of decorative window box: 6" H x 4 3/8" W x 1 3/8" D

  • Roman Exclusive

On the front:

St. Dominic




Prayer to

St. Dominic

O Holy priest of God and glorious

Patriarch, St. Dominic, thou who

was a friend, the well-beloved son

and confidant of the Queen of

Heaven and didst work so many

miracles by the power of the Holy

Rosary, have regard for my

necessities. On earth, you opened

your heart to the miseries of your

fellow men, and your hands were

strong to help them; now in

heaven your charity has not grown

less nor has your power waned.

Pray for me to the Mother of the

Rosary and to hard divine Son, for I

have great confidence that through

your assistance I shall obtain the

favor I so much desire. Amen.



On the back:

St. Dominic


 It is said that Dominic's mother, Blessed Joan Aza, had a vision

 that her unborn child was a dog that sprang from her womb,

setting the world on fire with a torch he carried in his mouth.

Her child, Dominic, was born on August 8th, 1170 in Old

Castile, Spain. From an early age, he evinced piety and sacrifice,

spending hours in prayer and avoiding all sin. In 1191, when he was a

student at the university in Palencia, a famine struck Spain. Dominic gave

away all his money and sold all his possessions to feed the hungry. His

fellow students were stunned when he even sold the manuscript he

need it for school. He answered them, "Would you have me study from

these dead skins when people are dying of hunger?"

Dominic dedicated his life to preaching into bringing heretics

 back to the face. In 1215 Dominic was granted permission to form the

Order of Preaching friars for this purpose. The group followed a rule of

prayer and penance, preaching and establishing a system of education.

During one point in his ministry, he became discouraged. A vision of Our

Lady came to him and show him a wreath of roses. She instructed him 

 to say the rosary daily and to teach it to all who would listen. In time, faith

brought more than 100,000 heretics back into the fold. Toward the end

of his life, Dominic had another vision: that a beggar who would do

great things for the Faith. He met the beggar from his vision is very next

day and embraced him. He said, "You are my companion and must

walk with me. If we hold together, no earthly power can withstand us."

The man from his vision was saint Francis of Assisi.

St Dominic died in 1221 was canonized in 1234.



Feast Day: August 8

Prayer card included.