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Roman Inc

Roman The Divine Mercy Patrons & Protectors

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 Roman The Divine Mercy Patrons & Protectors.

  • This is statue is sold along with a prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer and a story of The Divine Mercy on the back.
  • Dimensions: 3.625" H X 1.625" W X 1.125" D
  • Materials Resin
  • Roman Exclusive

Verse in Front of box:

The Divine Mercy

Patron of the Destiny of Humanity

Trust and Mercy                                                                 Prayer card included.


of the 

Divine Mercy

(For private recitation on ordinary rosary beads.)

Our Father.... Hail Mary.... The apostles Creed then,

on the our Father beads, you

will say the following words :

Eternal Father, I offer you the

body and blood, soul and

Divinity of your dearly beloved

son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in

atonement for our sins and

those are the whole world.

On a hail Mary Beads you will

say the following words:

for the sake of his sorrowful

passion have mercy on us and

on the whole world.

In conclusion three times you

will recite these words:

holy God, holy mighty one,

Holy immortal one, have mercy

on us and on the whole world.

Exclusively by Roman Inc.

Verse on the back: 

The Divine Mercy

Patron of the Destiny of Humanity

The image of the Divine Mercy came about as a

vision that appeared on February 22nd, 1931 to

blessed sister Maria faustina. It is believed that

the during this vision, Jesus Express a desire that an

image of hand be painted representing the risen Christ.

Beneath the image, the words, "Jesus, I trust in You"

appear, confirming trust in the mercy of Christ. The

image bears the marks of the crucifixion on the hands

and feet of Christ that displays two rays that originate

from the pierced heart Jesus.

One of the rays emanating from The heart of

Jesus is red. This red ray represents blood or the life of

souls. The other raise pale which represents the water

that enables souls to the to be righteous these two rays also

stand for the birth of the holy church and the

gifts of the Holy Spirit. In addition, the sacraments are represented by

the red and the pale rays.The image of the Divine Mercy

clearly portrays the great mercy of God.

The Divine Mercy devotion stands for two

important dispositions, lot of trust in that have mercy.

The Divine Mercy is worshiped with complete trust and

this enables one with trust to receive the mercy of God.

disposition of Mercy expresses that we should show

Mercy to all others and that these acts of Mercy express

our love of God. The purposes of the Divine Mercy

devotion promote worldwide Mercy towards others.