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Ne'Qwa Art

Our Savior Is Born, Hand-Painted Glass Ornament

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    • The Christmas star shines brightly upon the scene of our dear Savior’s birth as the Holy Family shares a tender moment beneath a clear midnight sky.
    • Inspired by the artwork of Marcello Corti, Ne’Qwa Art® artisans recreate the scene taking place in the most humble of surroundings, but miraculous all the same. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
    • Beautifully packaged in a satin-lined, keepsake gift box, this ornament is a perfect Christmas gift for friends, family, coworkers, or anyone who understands the true meaning of Christmas.
    • An adjustable tasseled cord allows for display on a Christmas tree or a Ne’Qwa Art® ornament stand.
    • This ornament measures approximately 6.5”H. Standard Brilliant shape.

    Ne'Qwa Art - Sandy Clough

The Fine Art of Authenticity

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Using a technique that has been perfected over centuries of practice, the Ne’Qwa Art artisans apply paint in reverse to the inside of our glass ornaments and wine stoppers to create a true work of original art. A hostess will always remember your thoughtfulness when you show up with a wine stopper or a glass ornament in a beautiful Ne’Qwa Art gift box. We have ornaments for Christmas and nearly every other occasion that comes to mind. If you want a unique and memorable gift that will be treasured for years to come, look no further. Shop Ne’Qwa Art.