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Roman Inc

Roman Sacred Heart Of Jesus Figure Patrons & Protectors

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Roman Sacred Heart Of Jesus Figure

Materials: Resin
Dimensions 3.5" H

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Inexhaustible Fountain of Mercy

Our Most                                                                              Prayer card included.

Loving Savior.                                                                      Life Story on back.

The Morning


 O Jesus, through the

Immaculate Heart of

Mary, I offer Thee my

Prayers, works, joys and

sufferings of this day for

all the intentions of Thy

Sacred Heart, in Union

with the Holy sacrifice of

the Mass throughout the

world, and reparation for

my sins, for the

intentions of all our

associates, and in

particular for

the general intention


this month.

Exclusive by Roman Inc

Verse on back:

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Inexhaustible Fountain of Mercy

The sacred heart of Jesus is the chief symbol

to us of the threefold love with which the

divine Redeemer unceasingly loves His

eternal Father and all mankind. It is also a

symbol of the love that he shares with the Father and

the Holy Spirit. His love for us, and the wound that is

seen in this symbol tells of the sacrifice of his love.

The heart is an emblem of endless Love and this

naturally defines the sacred heart of Jesus.

Our devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus

demonstrates our sharing of his emotional and

moral life. Our devotion to the Sacred Heart of

Jesus also express our understanding of His words,

commands, miracles that clearly manifest His love

for us. Our prayer to the sacred heart of Jesus

expresses our devotion.

O God, who dost deign mercifully to

bestow upon us infinite treasures of

love in the Heart of Thy Son, which

was wounded for our sins; grant, we

beseech Thee, that we who pay Him

the devout homage of our piety, may

in like manner show unto Thee our

due of worthy satisfaction.

Through the same Christ our Lord.