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Roman Inc

Roman St. Andrew Patron Saints and Protectors

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Roman, Inc. St. Andrew, Patron Saints and Protectors

This St. Andrew statue will make for a wonderful confirmation gift as well as a lovely reminder of St. Andrew's life and his love of the Lord. Andrew was one of the first disciples to recognize Jesus as the Messiah and he himself was crucified for his Christian beliefs.

  • St. Andrew is the patron saint of Fishermen and Sailors.
  • This is statue is sold along with a St. Andrew prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer to St. Andrew on the front and the story of St. Andrew on the back.

Verse in Front of box:

St. Andrew 

Patron of Fisherman and Sailors

An Apostle of the                                                              Prayer card included.

                                                                                            Life story on back.

Prayer to

St. Andrew

O Christ, our Lord, Who didst
beatified the most blessed
Andrew with the grace of
Apostleship, and the crown
of martyrdom, by granting to
him this special gift, that by
preaching the mystery of the
cross, he should merit death
on the cross: grant us to
become most true lovers of
Thy holy cross, and, denying
ourselves, to take up our
cross and follow Thee; that
by sharing Thy sufferings in
this life, we may deserve the
happiness of obtaining life


St. Andrew
Patron Saint of Fishermen and Sailors

St. Andrew and his brother, Simon Peter were fishermen from Galilee.  St. Andrew heard the words of John the Baptist which told him of Jesus who would soon be coming to Galilee.  St. Andrew became a disciple of John and went with him to meet Jesus.  St. Andrew left his boats and fishing nets and became a follower of Jesus.  He told his brother of the greatness of the Messiah and both he and Simon Peter became Apostles.

The story of the great miracle of the feeding of five thousand in the desert tells of St. Andrew finding the small boy with the loaves of bread and fish that were multiplied to feed so many people.

St. Andrew went with Jesus throughout the rest of Jesus' life and after the death of Christ, he preached the word of God to many.  St. Andrew is renowned for performing miracles and converting many to Christianity.  There were many who believed in the words of St. Andrew, but there were those who hated him as they did Christianity.  Because of this hatred, St. Andrew was crucified on a cross in Achaia.  St. Andrew is the patron saint of Russia and Scotland.

Feast Day: November 30