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Roman St. Monica "Patron of Mothers, Wives, and Homemakers" Figurine

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Figurine comes nicely displayed in a clear fronted box 
St Monica
Patron of Mothers, Wives and Homemakers
Mother of Saint                                                                   Prayer card included.
Augustine of Hippo                                                             Life story on back.
Prayer to
St Monica
In your mercy, Lord, You
received the tears of St
Monica as she wept for
her son.
At the intercession of
both mother and son,
give us grace to weep for
sin and to obtain Your
forgiveness. Amen  
Exclusively by Roman Inc.
St Monica
Patron of Mothers, Wives and Homemakers (333 - 337 AD)
One of the famous mothers of all time.  St Monica
persisted in prayer and example until she
brought her son Augustine back not only to the
faith and to penitence, but to an illustrious life
in the Church.
An arranged marriage paired Monica with Patricius, a
pagan official in North Africa. He was much older than
she and had a violent  temper.  Adding to the challenges
that faced Monica, the mother of Patricius, who was
equally as difficult, lived with them.  Through patience
and prayer, Monica was able to convert her husband and
her mother-in-law to the Catholic faith.  Her prayers were
answered again when two of their three children entered
religious life.  Unfortunately her third child, Augustine,
was far from eager to join the ranks of the faithful and
reveled in a life of worldly pursuits.   Undeterred, Monica
prayed for her son for 17 years and was comforted by
the now famous words of a bishop who told her “the
child of those tears shall never perish”.  She even would
beg for prayers from priests some of whom avoided her
because of her tireless persistence in the seemingly
hopeless endeavour.  Finally, in 387 Augustine’s heart was
turned toward the faith and he was baptized by Ambrose. 
Monica died later that same year after seeing her prayers
answered.  After her death, Augustine’s journey of faith
continued.  He became a priest, a bishop, a famous
Catholic writer, and one of the greatest saints that ever
lived.  Monica is the patron of mothers, wives,
homemakers, widows and victims of abuse.
Feast Day: August 27
  • 3.5"h x 1.5"w x 2.25"d
  • Resin/stone mix.
  • Gift box
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