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  • Roman St. Christopher Patron Saints & Protectors
  • Roman St. Christopher Patron Saints & Protectors
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Roman St. Christopher Patron Saints & Protectors

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Roman St. Christopher Patron Saints & Protectors

Description 4"H St. Christopher Figure
Materials: Resin
Dimensions 4" H X 2.25" W X 1.5" D

St. Christopher


Christ-bearer                                                                        Prayer card included.

                                                                                             Life story on back.

The Motorist's Prayer
Grant me O Lord a steady hand
and watchful eye that no one
shall be hurt as I pass by. 
Thou gravest life, I pray no act
of mine may take away or
mar that gift of Thine. 
Shelter those, dear Lord, who
bear me company, from the
evils of fire and all calamity. 
Teach me to use my car for
others' need; nor miss through
love of undue speed the 
beauty of the world; that
thus I may with joy and
courtesy go on my way. 
St. Christopher, holy patron of
travelers, protect me and lead
me safely to my destiny.
Exclusively by Roman
Verse on the back story of St. Christopher

St. Christopher

Christopher was born under the name of Offero in

the third century in Canaan.  He grew to be a

man of great size and strength, and wanted to

serve only the leaders that were the strongest and

bravest.  He wandered the world searching for those he

could deem worthy of his services.  He was unsuccessful

until he met a hermit who lived by a dangerous stream. 

The hermit served may people by guiding them to the

places where thy could safely cross the stream.  The

hermit was a Christian and he shared his faith with

Offero.  In time, Offero pledged his allegiance to God and

took the hermit's place helping travelers across the river. 

Unlike the hermit, Offero did not guide them to the places

were it was safest to cross, but rather he used his size

and strength to carry each traveler across the stream.  It is

said that one day, he carried a small child across, and as

they made their way, the weight of the child became

heavier and heavier to the point where the powerful

Offero found the burden almost unbearable.  When they

arrived on the other side, the child told Offero that he was

Christ and that the weight that Offero shouldered was the

weight of the world upon Christ's shoulders.  Offero was

then baptized by Jesus with the water of the stream and

given the name Christopher that means "Christ-bearer". 

St Christopher is the patron of travelers, drivers, sailors,

and transportation workers.

Feast Day: July 25